Online appointment booking System

In the era of the neck-to-neck race business, you can't lag behind to provide your service at your best, and in between this manual management of booking appointments can be a burden on your time and routine. USOM offer an Online Appointment  Booking system to automate your appointment booking with ease. USOM Online Appointment Booking System has modern and high-tech features that can help your business to bloom successfully.

Best Features of Online Appointment Booking System.


  • Calendar;  A calendar with holiday markings and open slots so that clients schedule the appointment according to their will and there will not be any management hustle or traffic.
  • Real-Time Booking,  Real-time booking directly books the appointment by connecting to the calendar so that it can create a traffic-free environment 
  • Multiple Payment Methods 
  • Discount and offers panel to showcase the different offers and discounts to the customers 
  • Email Automation;  Email Automation can help you to reach your customers whenever you want to inform them about offers discounts and other information within a single click.
  • Reports;  Having a record of your work, customers and payments always help your business to grow and this feature enables you to do this.


We at USOM do hard work to satisfy the client's needs and with the Tag line " We build Desires" we also build a relationship with our clients so that they can be happy and loyal clients for us.


Price of The Product- ₹1000000

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