NGO Dynamic Website

Running an NGO can be a headache in the current scenario where everything is getting digitalized and transparent. In the era of the internet, you need a Dynamic Website for your NGO from where you can showcase your work with the dynamic features of USOM's Dynamic website for NGOs


  • Dynamic Dashboard, a dynamic dashboard can help you to put your content, photos and videos whenever you want you to need not be dependent on any developer or a company infuse your data on your website.
  • Dynamic Sections like FCRA information, Current Projects, your field areas, volunteer information, board member information and many more section which is customizable and can be updated as per your requirement.
  • Dynamic posters on your sliders according to your motive of working will be provided by us so that you can be relaxed and hustle free so that you can focus on other project bidding and proposals.

We also provide a Native Application for your website that can be run on mobile phones, you can easily promote your NGO through your APP and create a direct link between you and your beneficiary.

So hurry now! and build your Dynamic Website with USOm and enjoy the modern features that can solve your issues 

Price of The Product- ₹100000

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