Mizan is a product of USOM that simplifies the way you are billing your billing at your point of sale.
Instantly record the details of sales and your customers and get powerful Insights.

  • The Point of Sale ensures fast and accurate billing and generates challans, bills, order forms and more through a single billing. With our software Mizan you can enjoy the ease of billing and managing your account and maintaining a record of your customers, you just have to ask for their names and phone number to enhance the customer experience you can send the latest offers, discounts and party details directly to their personal phones
  • You can keep a track of customers’ purchase history and can maintain a profile for your regular customers and more through this POS software, Mizan. The Integrated Accounting System in the software helps the owner to tally their bills and calculate the actual profit and loss within minutes, it also helps you avoid mismatched tallies and unrecorded sales. Track your paid, unpaid and partially paid invoices and be top of your payables and receivables.
  • Mizan is also capable of maintaining inventory, it features a super quick item search fat the billing and reduces the manual effort to complete a sale transaction. You can also identify the items with their unique identification no. and batch no. and can sell them out before they expire by collecting the useful inventory report. 
  • With the combination of billing, inventory management and business reports, avoid over and under stocking problems at all times. Let this billing software, Mizan do all the number crunching while you can focus on your customers and making their restaurant experience better.
  • Get Access to your business reports from wherever you are

Mizan can fetch your record from wherever you want, it helps you to monitor sales and critical information about sales and purchase transactions. Mizan can be used on multiple windows or mobile devices for billing simultaneously.

Compare your monthly sales and track record of your business data with a few clicks. Generate critical reports whenever you want on the basis of your sales, purchase, margin, discount, items sold, total retail amount, net profit and profit percentage.

Easily generate user-friendly reports that can give you a better insight into your business.


Price of The Product- ₹500000

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