Hotel Management solutions

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 Understanding the needs of the hoteliers, USOM has developed a Hotel Management Software that nails the requirements of the owners. USOM’s HMS automates every aspect of your hotel and upsells rooms and amenities.


Features of HMS


  • Checking the availability of your hotel rooms on your dashboard is easier than making a snap on USOM’s HMS. You can always look into your guest's check-in and check-out time which enables you to have complete control over your hotel.


  • HMS enables you to look into the complete details of your inventory and restaurant system so that you can merge your differences in a single place.


  • Generating bills is the most exhausting thing to do when your guests order different items hosted under different departments. But not anymore, as you can label them under different sections that you can create whenever you want. 


  • Keeping records of your guests, check-ins and check-outs can never be easier without an ideal software like HMS. You can always look into your guests’  profile details that let you provide them messages and offers by SMS and emails. 

Price of The Product- ₹100000

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